Blitzing the Blue. 18th September 2005.

3rd Apr 2007

After returning from a get fit trip to Europe, Lucy’s plan was to hit the UK trad with some juice in her arms.

Blue Scar was the first destination on her list but being a ‘blue virgin’, there were no guarantees that it was going to be her cup of tea.

With the crag and climber in good nick, it became obvious very quickly that it was her cup of tea and in a two day visit, the hard routes were dispatched alarmingly effortlessly.

After warming up on day one, ‘Central Wall’- E5 6a and ‘The Great White’- E6 6b were onsighted.

Having got into the flow, day two got better.

Lucy onsighted ‘Blue sister’- E3 5c, ‘Blue Grit’- E4 6a, ‘Priapism’ E5 6b, Barracuda E6 6b and finally ‘Death wish’- E7 6b.

It seems a trip away sport climbing hadn’t affected her trad head and she commented that ‘I was surprised at how quickly I got to grips with climbing above dodgy gear again, Blue scar was as good as I was hoping but I was glad we weren’t the first people to climb there after the ban was lifted. A few of the routes were a bit on the dirty side. I can’t wait to go back and get on some of the other routes.’