Northumberland (again)

26th Sep 2007

Been up in Northumberland for three days, such a cool place. But I knew this as I spent a year of my young life working in Belford as an outdoor instructor and completely fell in love with the county.

We went to Goats crag- small and cute. Front Bowdon- what can I say? And Kyloe-in- awesome.

Did loads of soloing (the crags are just about small enough to make you feel invincible) quite a lot of leading and some bouldering. All in all a good time was had, there was a group of about 8-9 of us and I came back with absolutely no skin, very sore.

My most memorable thing was an amazing HVS at Kyloe-in called ‘Crucifix’. What a line. It’s a big, black, steep crack in the shape of a crucifix- which seems to sneer ‘Climb me if you dare…’

It actually isn’t that bad if you find the odd sneaky knee bar to take the weight off your arms, well worth doing.

Yesterday did a bit of top roping on grit, my skin hadn’t quite recovered but it wasn’t too bad. I’ve never been into top roping but having been in the peak for a fair few years now and saved lots of routes for the on sight, I’ve realised that actually, I probably won’t be on sighting them.

Grit is not my medium, so I might aswell bite the bullet and have a play on them.

Went on ‘Linden’ E6 6b at Curbar, which is great route and actually the climbing isn’t too bad on a top rope but would I head point it? Mmmm., don’t know… There really isn’t any decent gear on it and although the climbing gets easier the higher up you go, being on the sharp end could be tricky. We’ll see…