Frustrating weather

13th Oct 2007

Yesterday turned out to be a bit of a non event. Got to Top Loader thinking it was a bit warm but as it's north facing, not a major problem.

Set the ropes up, then walked down to have a look and the route was absolutely soaking wet, totally unclimbable. I was disappointed as I was up for it but it wasn't to be.

Then we went off to have a look at Braille Trail, Burbage South and that was exactly the same, so we trudged off again.

The only thing for it was to find a face in the sun.

So we went to Curbar to have a play on Slab and Crack. Needless to say it was hot and the route is hard but it was fun to play. I think I would have to train my fingers, as they didn't feel anywhere near strong enough at the moment. It would be a very scary lead. You have to do an E7 before you get any gear in- maybe a long term project.

I am waiting to go out today but unfortunately the weaather is looking the same. Maybe this afternoon, we'll see...