First week at work and October's 'Climbing Clinic' winner announced

4th Nov 2007

We now have October’s winner of the ‘Climbing Clinic’- congratulations to Ruth for her question. If you haven’t already seen it, check it out in the ‘Climbing Clinic’.

Well, I’ve completed my first week of work at the BMC, in fact, my first week of ‘proper’ work ever! It was pretty much as I expected. Very busy as there had been no one in the post for a few months, also there is a lot of sorting of files etc to do. And the BMC/Holdz Team Trials are taking place at the Foundry in a month, so that needs sorting too.

My bum is num though. I’m not sure it has had to be sat on for that long before; I will have to work out some bum-revival breaks.

Also, I haven’t had time to exercise this week as the traveling takes about four hours a day, which is a bit crazy and not what I want to happen permanently. My body isn’t used to inactivity, it doesn’t help the mind much either- no wonder the nation’s health is in such a mess…

I am able to work from home which is a real bonus but at the moment I need to work in the Manchester office, just to get to grips with things. So I’m hoping I will be able to plumb in some time to train.

But it’s all good and I think once it’s all calmed down I will enjoy the work.

Climbing-wise, I managed to get out on Friday and yesterday. The weather was lovely and the peak is really looking gorgeous at the moment, so it was very uplifting just to be out, let alone climbing. The light from the sun on the trees was incredible. I had some moments where I found myself just staring in wonderment with my jaw on the floor at the beauty of it all.

Did some good climbing too!

I flashed ‘Moonwalk’ E4 6a, at Curbar. Again it’s one of those routes that I’ve saved to onsight but a friend of mine wanted to top rope it, as she had tried to onsight it and took a couple of falls. So I thought, well I’ll watch her on the moves and then try and climb it. Which I did. I had a bit of a leg wobbler moment that was quite funny, I don’t get it that often and as it was happening I was laughing to myself coz I couldn’t stop it happening.

You get pretty high above your gear, so it starts to feel a bit bold.

Great route though but once is enough.

Unfortunately, my friend took another fall on lead and really hurt her ankle- not good.

Yesterday had a nice day doing classics at Stanage. I find Stanage an unforgiving place and I feel I have to choose my routes carefully. Wanted to do Calvary but looked at it and just didn’t feel right about it. Did a couple of E2’s I hadn’t done before, Pot Black and Silica. Both great climbing but I found them a bit goey (?). Did some other bits and pieces and generally had a nice day out.

Off to Curbar today, haven’t got a major plan, we’ll see what occurs.

Hope you all are enjoying the weekend.