Back from Albarracin

27th Nov 2007

Back from a fantastic trip to Albarracin in Spain. We only went for four days but it was really worth it. I’ve never really been into short trips like this but he seemed to work really well and definitely felt like a break from mundanity.

Albarracin is a bouldering area that is probably comparable to Font. It is a very beautiful place and is littered with sandstone boulders. The climbing is very varied; with slopers, pockets, flakes and edges on roofs, walls and the odd slab.

It meant there was so much variety to keep you entertained and also you didn’t have to be a complete power beast to get up things.

It was fairly cold and was a bit of a struggle to keep warm at times but our last day was the most lovely crisp blue-sky day that really was magical.

I did quite a few 7’s while I was there. I think the climbing suited me but also the grades could’ve been a bit soft. I’m no expert with bouldering grades but I know what I struggle on in the peak!

Also, a lot of the time we weren’t really looking at the topo (information is a bit hit and miss- understandably as it’s a fairly new area with so many complicated venues to document), we’d just look around, find something fun and try and climb it. Best way really.

Got back home at 3.30am Monday, so still feeling a bit spaced but back to work and getting ready for heading up to Glenmore Lodge for the Dry Tooling fest on Saturday.

Should be fun.