Glenmore Lodge dry tooling fest and new 'Climbing Clinic' winner and question.

2nd Dec 2007

dry tooling fest

After driving 800 miles in just over 24 hours, I’m feeling a little tired (!) but it was great being up at Glenmore Lodge, even if it was only a flying visit.

They organized a great first ever dry tooling fest with loads of stuff going on. I was running rock climbing workshops and Dave Mcleod was running dry tooling workshops. There was also a slack lining comp, ice axe pull up comp and films. So it was a good day that was pretty well attended considering it was really nice weather (although a bit on the chilly side for my liking but then I am a wafty southerner). It was also well supported by Glenmore Lodge sponsors; Marmot, Scarpa/Grivel and Petzl/Charlet- these guys provided gear for people to play around with and rip their clothing! Lots of sharp pointy things…

We have a November winner in the climbing clinic. Congratulations to Raphael who wins a Marmot pilsner mug. And we already have a December question from Natalie. See what’s on Natalie’s mind by going to the climbing clinic.

This week will be fairly busy for me as I am organizing the British team trials which are taking place at the Foundry this Saturday. So if you are at a loose end or wanted to climb indoors on Saturday, then the Foundry will still be open for business and you can watch Britain’s best lead climbers (junior and senior) battling it out.