British Team Trials and new question in the 'Climbing clinic'

14th Dec 2007

Well, last weekend I ran my first competition. This was the first climbing comp that I’ve attended in 15 years that I haven’t climbed in, so all change.

I have to say, even though it was a busy day, I enjoyed myself. It didn’t feel strange not competing (I think I was too busy to think about it to be honest), I think you know when the time is right to change direction. There are a couple of events coming up next year that aren’t BMC organized and I would consider doing them. Although, I’m not doing the work/life balance thing very well at the moment and climbing is taking a bit of a backseat. That feels very strange but hopefully I will get on top of it and get into some training. If it goes well, I would enjoy doing the odd comp here or there.

Anyway, the trials were a great success and there was a full complement of entrants strutting their stuff for the team managers.

This week I had a route session at the wall, the first for a while and surprisingly I wasn’t climbing too badly. Nothing spectacular but not a bad base level. It would be nice to get outside this weekend and feel the fresh air on my cheeks. With it being Winter I’m feeling a bit cooped up and surrounded by darkness, it’s a funny time of year. Also, I’d forgotten how blinking cold it gets. I always think next year I’ll get hardcore and do loads of grit bouldering and utilise these mythical awesome conditions but then Winter comes and reality hits home- it’s blooming Baltic! I might brave the great outdoors this weekend and see how it goes.

Tim, Kodo and I might be going to France after a family Christmas in the UK. After spending the Winter in N Provence last year, which wasn’t cold just perfect, we need to pick up some gear we left over there and say ‘hi’ to friends.

It would be nice to get some climbing in somewhere but that will depend on the weather of course. I’m quite intrigued by southern Italy but we don’t have long and it’s quite a trek in the van to get down there, we’ll see how it pans out.

I have a great pile of images waiting for me to put them on the site; hopefully I will set about this over the next week. Keep your eyes on the Gallery for new editions. The most likely places to find them will be UK trad and probably miscellaneous. All the Slab and Crack images will be going on too.

Lastly, there is a new question in the ‘Climbing Clinic’ from Tom. It’s an interesting question as they all have been. Keep them coming, I know there are a lot of you out there enjoying reading the answers.

Cheerio for now…