It's Christmas!!

21st Dec 2007

more cold

Well, today was my last day working for 2007, phew.

It's been a busy week with lots of British team stuff to organise before Christmas. All good though, we had our BMC Christmas dinner last night which was a festive affair. Unfortunately, I decided to drive back to Sheffield after the meal so no drinking. But actually that was probably a good thing, I didn't overdo it, there's plenty of time for that.

I managed to get out to the plantation last saturday but it was cold cold cold, not really my idea of fun to be honest. But it was nice to be out touching rock. But sunday was better because I went for a doggy walk with a friend and watched all the mad climbers at Burbage looking cold. They seemed to be enjoying it though.

Did a few indoor sessions too, went to the foundry on wednesday which was good as they've got lots of new routes at the moment, fun for a bit of onsighting.

Amazingly I seem to have managed to do most of my Christmas shopping, a few last minute bits and bobs tomorrow before we head down south on Sunday for a family crimbo.

Then, Tim, myself and Kodo are planning to head to France for a week and a bit. We left a lot of gear over there when we stayed in N Provence last winter, so it needs to be retrieved. We haven't managed to book a ferry yet, so another job for tomorrow.

Will I manage to get a bit of climbing in tomorrow? I hope so but it'll be tight. Unlikely, I'll get outside, so maybe a quick works session or even a cellar sess down in John and Anne's. We'll see...

If I don't blog before the big day, Happy Christmas to you all and enjoy the festivities and bring on the New Year and all those new year resolutions that never last more than a week!!!