Happy New Year

8th Jan 2008

Happy New Year!

Well, here we are in 2008. We had a nice family time over Christmas etc, lots of dog walking, choccies and mince pies- great.

Went for a good mountain bike ride on New Year’s day, which I really enjoyed. It was a bit of a shock to the system but was great to get out, even though the weather was a bit pants.

I’ve had a total break from climbing which was sort of enforced as I’ve had a dodgy elbow, which travelled down to my wrist and became very painful.

It prevented me from doing any yoga or press ups and stuff, so fairly frustrating but I was feeling quite lazy anyway, so no big deal.

We didn’t get away to France which was a shame but Tim had a really bad back, so long journeys in the van just weren’t an option.

Anyway, I’m back at work now, so it’s all go again.

Since we didn’t get away over Xmas, we’re going to sneak away at the and of Jan for a week to Antalya in Turkey. It’s a fairly new area which sounds awesome, so I can’t wait. Some sport climbing in the sun, will be very welcome indeed.

In the ‘climbing clinic’, December’s winner was Tom- congratulations to him and he’ll get his prize sent off asap. I’m looking forward to receiving your queries in 2008, so get your thinking caps on.

Oh, forgot to mention I touched rock for the first time in ’08 last Sunday. It was a lovely clear Winter’s day, chilly in the wind but lovely in the shelter and sun. We ambled over to Frogatt and headed to ‘Chequers crack’. It’s a route for some reason I’ve never done and seemed like a good reason to get the rope out. It was blooming freezing but we soldiered on.

What a great route. I think it felt a tad harder because of the frozen stumps on the end of my arms but in retrospect it was fun.

We did a couple of other routes and generally had a nice day out.

Looking forward to more of that. Roll on more sunlight…