New question for 2008 in the 'climbing clinic'

18th Jan 2008

We have a new question in the clinic from Simon, probably very relevant for a lot of people so check it out to see if there might be any advice you would want to follow.

Off to Antalya in Turkey next Tuesday. I am really looking forward to it as it's a new area that I've never been to and I'm sick of the sight of rain!

I have been managing to get to the wall and work on my endurance after the xmas break, so I should be able to have a fun trip on the sun kissed rock. The weather looks good out there, 15` degrees during the day, sounds kind of perfect.

Just hoping our plane doesn't decide to do a belly flop a la BA at Heathrow!

Played 5-a-side footie on Monday in Manchester, it was good fun- if I actually had any football skills I'd be amazing. I'm quick and can get to places on the pitch but if I get the ball I can't do anything with it, kind of frustrating! That's the trouble with being a girl, we don't get taught how to play and practice (well not when I was at school many moons ago), so the skills need some work.

Annoyingly and fairly predictably I retore my hamstring that I originally ruptured last July doing a heel hook down the 'works'. It happened at the end when I was warmed up and not quite sure how it occurred but I've been manically icing, heating, tiger balm-ing, a bit of ibuprofen and some gentle stretching. It seems to be improving so all good. Might play on Monday (prob a bit silly but I can't resist a good run round) and hope I don't do any serious damage for Turkey.

Training at the foundry today and sunday in between work, I'm managing to slot things in better which helps my peace of mind...