January's 'climbing clinic' winner announced

3rd Feb 2008

We have a new winner in the climbing clinic and also new questions coming in thick and fast.

I haven't got much to report since getting back from Antalya, I've done a little bit of climbing since returning but my hamstring that I pulled playing footie is not improving and is really hindering my climbing (especially bouldering), so I am going to have to get that sorted. I also have a pretty twingy elbow, so all in all I'm falling apart at the momen!

Started a new Ashtanga yoga class which I'm pretty psyched for, so that's cool. I'm going to be getting a few foundry sessions in too, the weather is pretty pants and as I've said before I don't do cold very well (hands turn into blocks of ice and that's before leaving the house!).

So it's head down and pray for good weather...