Amazing weather- finally! And some upcoming events to watch out for.

13th Feb 2008

Well I am happy to say the weather has been fantastic. I have been able to get out and take advantage of it which has been great for the soul. On the days we've been having, it really makes you glad to be alive.

As my hamstring is still giving me gip I haven't been able to boulder, so I've just been out doing grit routes.

I went up to marble wall area of stanage and headpointed 'Goosey goosey gander'. I'd tried to on sight it about 4-5 years ago and found it pretty hard at the crux and unfortunately it hasn't changed!

Although on the toprope it didn't feel that bad, the crux move is tricky but once you've got it, you've got it.

The key to why this route is hard is the gear. It's not easy to place as it's tricky to get the right pieces in first go and you are in a very pumpy position trying to place it. Great route though and I really enjoyed climbing it.

I also went to Higgar Tor on Sunday which is such a good little crag- fierce!

I onsighted a three star E4 6a there called 'Flute of hope', which was a fair old battle but amazing. In fact definitely one of my fave routes on grit, probably partly because it I found it hard but still managed to do it. I got a fairly phenomenal pump on it, I hung around far too long on the crux when I should've just move, move, moved. All great fun though.

I also managed to have a few wall sessions last week, so my climbing feels ok.

Went to the Edge last night, there are some good leading ladder routes up to have a go at. I tried the f8a, which I tried once last week and found it pretty intense, total power endurance and surprised myself last night by touching the last hold but not quite managing to hold it. Definitely a good route for training on.

Off to Curbar this afternoon for more fun and games, it's going to be lovely.

Check out the 'climbing clinic' for Rachel's question on campussing, more question and answers coming soon too.

The first event coming up is the BMC Rock Climbing Essentials lecture tour that I am presenting with Libby Peter.

We are doing a six date tour round the UK and will be aiming our talk at beginner to improver rock climbers. We will be mixing up technique and technical tips, with inspirational images of places to climb around the UK and beyond. There might even be a few video clips in there.

So if you think this is something you would like to come along and see the dates are as follows:


All lectures start at 19:30 and finish at approximately 21:30.

Newcastle - Monday 3 March

Sheffield - Tuesday 4 March

Cardiff - Wednesday 5 March

London - Tuesday 11 March

Peterborough - Wednesday 12 March

Coventry - Thursday 13 March

So for more information on the venues and how to buy tickets, put this address in your web browser:


The next event up is the annual Sheffield Adventurel Film Festival.

Heason events has teamed up with Kendal film festival and Banff film festival to show the 'best of' these two world renound film festivals.

To find out more about ShAFF and their programme of events, check out their website.

Here is their address: