A quiet climbing week

24th Feb 2008

Well this week has been very busy on the work front and consequently fairly quiet on the climbing front. Not my ideal situation to put it bluntly, especially as my clutch cable snapped about half a mile from the BMC office at about 6.30pm and it took a while to get relayed back to Sheffield.

But all credit to my garage, they managed to fix the car by 4pm the next day, so all good in the end.

Libby Peter and I got together and made some great progress on our BMC slideshow. It’s pretty much finished just a few little additions to make before our first show in Newcastle on 3 March.

My yoga is still great and is a haven of calm in the middle of a pretty manic time; also the shorter nights are making a difference. I am definitely one of those people who needs sunlight, so am looking forward to going out after work and getting some vitamin D injection.

The coaching season is picking up and I have been working with some great folk, who just wanna improve. This is always good and we’ve been making good progress with their climbing. This is obviously something I enjoy, as it’s really nice to see people making changes and improvements in their technique to take out and apply to the ROCK!

There is a new question in the ‘climbing clinic’ from Marion, it could ring bells for a few of you- check it out.