Raven Tor action

9th Jul 2008

Well we’ve had some iffy weather recently, so I’ve been confined to the Peak for the last week or so- can’t complain about that really, there’s worse places to be.

Pembroke didn’t happen which was disappointing. I’m sure we would’ve had some ok weather but it’s a looong way to go for rainy days.

So it’s been a bit of a Raven Tor week. I am now pretty ensconced in weedkiller traverse into Chimes of freedom (f8b). I didn’t think I had the power endurance at the mo but things seem to be shaping up and I think I’ve got a fairly good chance of red pointing it soon.

It’s a bit annoying though because the sun comes onto the route around 12-1pm so there isn’t much time to get redpoints in before the holds get too hot and sweaty. The weather pattern seems to be not so nice in the morning but then improving in the afternoon, it would be great if it could be the other way round though! Oh well.

So I have started trying to redpoint but am actually still refining moves and am only getting two attempts per session, which isn’t really much at all. So it could be a longish process.

I made a good step forward with a crucial heelhook move on ‘Chimes’, which has made a few moves feel significantly easier. So I am hopeful that my next day on (tomorrow) will see proper progress being made.

I will post after tomorrow on what happened…