Raven Tor non action!

11th Jul 2008

Well, no good news I’m afraid, I didn’t manage to do the route. It was a combination of things.

Firstly, just one rest day is proving not to be enough for this route, so if I don’t do it next time I’ll be having at least two rest days. And,

Secondly, I had a very mysterious injury in the night. I kept waking up with pain in my back and thought I might have a kidney problem (I’ve never had anything like that before but it was the only thing I could think of in my sleepy state). Once I got up, it hadn’t improved but I wanted to climb so we went to the crag. As I was warming up I realised I wasn’t feeling very fresh (!) but also my ‘kidney’ pain started to feel more like a muscular problem.

So I tried to stretch it out and warm up slowly and thought I’d just give the route a go. Even though I was feeling a bit of a wreck, I actually got my furthest yet but I felt pants. So I decided to go to the top and strip it. By the time I got down I was struggling to breathe due to the pain and was in a bit of a mess.

It felt like an odd rib/intercostal thing, which came on unnoticed.

Oh well. Today it feels a lot better (might have something to do with the painkillers that I have given in to). So fingers crossed it will’ve disappeared by the time I have another go on Monday.

Tomorrow I’m judging the junior British Bouldering Comp that the BMC are organising for the Cliffhanger event in Sheffield. If the rain holds off it looks set to be a great event.