Still no cigar!

23rd Jul 2008

Blimey how long is this route going to take??

It’s all been a good learning process though, in focus and commitment. I took this project on a bit half hearted (although enough to commit time to it) and it is proving harder than I had anticipated. Although saying that when I first contemplated trying it, I honestly thought I wouldn’t be able to do it. It seemed too hard for me and I was almost using it as a form of training until the weather got better and I could get out of the Peak and do some trad further afield.

But obviously the more I played around on it, the better I got and the more doable it seemed. Until now I’m at the place where I know I can now do it but this is offset with my having lost general body fitness and I am starting to feel a bit blob like and not as light and bouncy as I had felt at the start.

Having the 2-3 days off between sessions does work but obviously it’s a balancing act. You can rest too much but also not enough. I think my problem is that I have done a lot of racing around and travelling recently, so my sleep pattern is up the creek, which never helps recovery and motivation.

Anyway, Monday again was very close to being successful. Three times (!) I slapped the hold that if I’d caught it would’ve probably meant a successful redpoint. But I didn’t catch it, annoyingly, so tomorrow is my last chance to do it for a couple of weeks. I’m off down south for a wedding then to Devon and Cornwall for some trad- can’t wait. Have prob got 1-2 weeks there, so should be enough time to go to a few different areas. Really looking forward to being on the road in the van again, it’s always such an enjoyable experience.

So fingers crossed for tomorrow. I’m hoping it’s not going to be ridiculously hot and greasy, so we are going to get there earlyish but time is limited as the sun comes round midday-1pm.

We’ll see…