Rain stops play, again!

8th Aug 2008

Well, Cornwall, it should have been sun, sea, surf and dry rock but unfortunately it wasn’t! In fact we didn’t even end up there because the weather looked so bad. So we went to North Devon instead, not the wisest choice. The culm coast isn’t known for it’s quality rock apart from a few choice venues. We headed to Blackchurch and we weren’t impressed! I’d had visions of orange sun kissed granite in Cornwall on my mind; instead we were at a green semi permanent pile of shale. I just wasn’t into it so we didn’t stay long and then the rain arrived anyway.

So south Devon became the next venue. I’ve got relatives there and they looked after us in style. In fact, it was party time and we ended up having some great evenings with lots of food and wine flowing. Not conducive for climbing but by that stage we were fairly demoralised and excess seemed like a nice idea.

The weather really wasn’t on our side and we had to scratch around trying to find dry rock and we weren’t particularly successful! The steeper sport crags became the places to go, Ansteys and Torbryan but the days were dismal. Moral was low and we were really having to force ourselves. But Torbryan was great, such a quality little crag, we could even climb in a complete downpour.

We’d had enough by last Saturday, so left Devon. And ironically the day we left, the weather was fantastic! I just don’t think it was meant to be, frustrating.

I’d planned to do a few days climbing in Avon with a friend. But yet again the weather was against us. So one of the days we went down to the Bristol wall, which wasn’t the desired venue but to be honest it was great to be climbing even if it was indoors. Also nice for me to revisit an old haunt and see so many friendly, familiar faces.

Then yesterday we managed to grab a weather window and went down to the main wall at Avon and did a classic E4 called Peril. When I was living in Bristol, I didn’t do much at the main wall because it was closed for four years while I was climbing there, so I’ve still got a few classics to go at.

The climbing there really is unique and it took me a while to get into the style of climbing and having to rely on not so good pegs in places. But by the top I was enjoying myself! We did it in one pitch too which was pretty cool.

Now climbing really is going to take a back seat (it feels like it has been anyway for the last couple of weeks) as I am heading down to the Newquay area, camping with my family. The weather is still looking very mixed but we’ve got tickets to see Groove Armada tonight. So we’re gonna chance it and hopefully spend a great week down there.

Cheeryby for now!!