August Bank Holiday and more...

5th Sep 2008

Well not loads to report on the climbing front to be honest. August bank holiday (seems a while back now), Tim, Kodo and myself decided to head up to ‘the county’- Northumberland to the uninitiated. I have a special place in my heart for this area and it always seems to come up trumps when you need some r&r or an energy boost.

We took the climbing gear but also invested in some full wetsuits from Decathlon; lucky me, I can fit into boys ones and they always work out a bit cheaper. So we took the body board as well.

Having bought the wetsuits, we were keen to get them wet! And to be honest the weather was more amenable to water sports anyway. It really didn’t rain much but the sandstone can be fragile after rain for climbing on, so the sea beckoned.

We were staying right next to Beadnell Bay in our van, it really is a fantastic beach, it’s what a beach should be like. Sand dunes, long sandy walks, rock pools and a beautiful bay for water sports.

Unfortunately, the swell was on the small side but the waves were even and fun was had. It was great being in the sea and not feeling cold. After Porthcothan (Cornwall) in the summer where I was freezing my butt off in my shortie, it was a luxury to be able to stay in as long as I liked. We only had one day of usable waves, so we went for lovely walks and generally explored the area and had a really lovely time.

Back in Sheff the weather has been mixed to say the least. I have been out a little bit. Went to Masson Lees (Matlock) again, which unfortunately was wet But we managed to find a few dry routes that were very good. A f7a crack really stood out, phew, pretty tough at the third bolt!

I have been indoors a few of times just to get some mileage and done some route setting at the local Virgin gym.

Although, I need to do some training for my crack-climbing trip to Indian Creek in October, motivation is on the low side at the moment.

I have quite a few things going on in life and I think I am finding it hard to focus on climbing. Then when I do go, I feel pretty rubbish and it feels hard to go again. I have definitely lost fitness over the last few months and know that gaining it again is not the easiest of tasks.

I rarely have proper breaks from climbing but I think I am due for one soon. Not really for the body, more for the head. Keeping constantly motivated isn’t easy but having a break can help a lot.

I’m sure going to the States in October will be fab and will fire me up, although I am preparing myself for a spanking, as the style does sound very hard. But just going somewhere beautiful and new will be lovely.

I have done quite a bit in the peak (certainly nowhere near everything) but most things that I can realistically do presently. So going to new areas is a must really.

Anyway, we are moving yet again this weekend so I probably won’t get any climbing done. Considering the weather forecast, outdoors would have been a washout anyway.

Is it ever going to stop raining??