Jersey, here we come!

15th Sep 2008

I’m getting really excited about Jersey now, I can’t wait to go somewhere new and climb some great routes. The locals sound like a friendly bunch and I’m sure will show us the delights. I’m looking forward to getting in the sea too, I seem to have got the body boarding bug at the mo and might even rent a surf board for a few hours. Although, the last time I tried surfing was about 13 years ago in Oz and I wasn’t a natural! But I’d like to give it another go, as the waves sound pretty good over there too.

Tim and I went out over the weekend and got severely midged. It was utterly grim. He has had a funky idea for a picture and it’s taken months for the conditions to be right- IE. Light-wise not climbing-wise!

So it was all looking great, he needed an awesome sunset and the sky was promising one. I had some good coloured clothing on and was set to go. But while Tim was setting up his flashes, I ran back to the car to fetch some water. By the time I got back I could hardly see Tim; he had turned into a black blob. He was being eaten alive by midges and really (unsurprisingly) losing his rag.

For some reason I react really bad to midge bites so I tried to stay covered up for as long as poss but they seemed to be able to through anyway. They were a mutant strain and there were just so many of them, it was awful. We had about 6-7 attempts at pics but just couldn’t hack it any more and needless to say the images didn’t work because we were so stressed and rushed. So all in all it was not a fantastic experience. I ended up looking like Quasimodo’s sister and Tim looked like he had measles, grim!!

Anyway, hopefully we’ll be climbing on some dry Granite tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it went when I get back.

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