Busy time...

19th Nov 2008

Well, it’s been a busy old time since I got back from Prague. I’ve been climbing indoors quite a lot, working on my fitness. I’m hoping to get away with Kodo in the van in December, so it would be nice to be vaguely fit when I get there!

On Friday, I did a day’s route setting at the Virgin gym in Sheffield. It was a good session and between John Horscroft and myself, we set ten new routes. I’m sure the locals will be pleased to have some quality (even though I say so myself- ha ha) new routes to try.

The weekend was pretty busy, Tim and I have some Swiss friends over for the grit, so they came to dinner Saturday night. I climbed at the foundry in the morning and tried some of the new leading ladder routes. I was pretty tired from the route setting the day before but had a good time. The routes I did were all good quality but be warned, the red 6c is a little bit under graded!!

Then on Sunday, Tim and myself had some promotional tent shots to do. It was such a beautiful day and we had fun doing it. Then in the evening I headed over to Chester to a posh hotel to meet up with the BBC crew. They were a nice bunch and the filming on Monday went really well. The teacher, Miss Chase, had to be tested on climbing to win a prize for her class. It was pretty tough for her as she’d only had a couple of hours to practice and was terrified of heights. At one point before she had to climb, she was so scared she was crying. But it was actually quite moving because she managed to climb the route and retrieved all the flags on the wall and consequently passed the test.

It was a fun morning and after I’d headed back to Sheff, I went to the works for a bouldering session. I did feel a bit wasted but it was good to do something.

The Swiss are keen and have been out as much as poss. They head pointed Master's Edge at Millstone on Sunday, which was a good effort, and yesterday I climbed with them at Curbar. Two of them were on end of the affair and myself and Peter (who has already done EOTA), climbed ‘Apollo’ E25c. Wow it’s not easy. I’d done it before and vaguely remembered it was hard and my memory wasn’t wrong. It seems to be E2 in about 6 feet of climbing, intense. Then we went and top roped ‘Linden’ E6 6b a few times. This is a lovely route but I’m not sure how keen I would be to head point it. I can do all the climbing, although I find the boulder problem start pretty hard but it just would be scary. My head doesn’t seem to be in grit mode at the mo, so I’m happy staying on the blunt end of the rope for now.

They have headed to Black Rocks to day, Gaia being the objective. Again I’d like to try it but am not up for leading it at the mo, so I’ve bowed out and will have a rest day today and do something tomorrow, depending on where they go. So it’s admin for me today!!