Van grimness and Marmot weekend in Wales.

6th Jul 2009

Myself, Tim and John Horscroft (and Kodo of course), spent a very hot few days in Yorkshire last week. We were up there shooting a few articles and had a jolly time. We didn’t get massive amounts of climbing done, partly due to the heat but it was great being up in Yorkshire after a long time away. I hadn’t been for years and had forgotten how nice it is and different to the Peak. We went to Rylstone, Malham and Trow Gill. A good old combo of venues providing very different experiences. It was also nice to put in some gear; I think the last time I put gear in was October/November! (Clipping bolts and Spain seems to have taken priority recently). I had a real tussle on an E1 called Monument Crack, which was entertaining for everybody except me! It was nice to make it to the top in one piece though, although my whole body took a bit of a battering- don’t you just love Grit!

It was good to be touching rock again though. My climbing psyche since my last blog doesn’t seem to have reappeared and I have spent more time pulling up weeds and painting, than climbing.

It doesn’t help that when I have occasionally ventured out, I’m obviously pretty rubbish compared to how I was and it’s not great for the old ego. But what can you do? I’ve just got to grit my teeth and accept that I’m going to have a struggle to get back to where I was. But I feel more psyched to try now.

We’re still having an epic with the van, it’s back in the garage, still not sorted. It’s very disappointing. I was really excited about getting the van back after all the work it’s had recently and zooming around in it, expecting it to feel as good as new. But as soon as I got it back and drove it I knew it wasn’t right, it had zero power and could barely get up to 60mph on the motorway up to Yorkshire. But I rang the garage and they said carry on and bring it in when I get back from Yorkshire. But unfortunately, we never made it back and the van conked out in Bradford, so yet again, we were on the back of a tow truck. Will it never end?? So I’m waiting to hear back as we speak when/if the van will be fixed. I’m just so looking forward to driving it trouble free and enjoying it again. This year has just been one motoring incident to another, oh well!

Marmot had a Marmot Athlete meeting in North Wales this weekend, which was damp but fun. Unfortunately we didn’t get much climbing done due to the rain but we managed to bond (!) and have a good time. We tested out some new products, Tim filmed us for short web films in various Marmot pieces and Tim took a lot of stills too that can be used for Marmot promotional stuff. It was good fun and nice for us all to get together as a group. There was myself, Tim, Katy Whittaker, Neil Mawson, Ricky Bell, Craig Hiller and Martin Panton from Marmot UK, who organised the event. All in all it was nice to get together and Martin’s hoping to do more and said he’ll order the sunshine next time!

Looks like I’m off to Yorkshire tomorrow with Neil, Katy and Ruth. A hardcore bunch who are really psyched at the moment. I’m probably going to get on something that I’ve done before (try not to get too disheartened when it feels desperate) and just use it as a training exercise and try and enjoy moving on rock again. That’s assuming I can do more than a few moves in a row!! We’ll see…