It's official- I'm fed up!!

5th Aug 2009

The last few weeks as usual have been fairly eventful, with quite a lot of different things going on. But the last few days have gone a bit pear-shaped and I’m finding it hard to stay positive…

On a good note, my sister, Ali and I (joined with my cousin) threw a surprise 70th birthday party for my Mum and Auntie. We have been planning and plotting for months, even when I was in Spain, I was doing quite a bit of organising but I obviously couldn’t mention anything, just in case she read my blog. Unlikely though, as she hasn’t got a computer and has pretty much no idea of how to use one! But anyway, the event finally happened on the 18th July and was amazing. Nothing went wrong and everybody had a great time, my nephews performed a load of their songs (and some covers we asked them to do) as their band ‘Stable’ and that went down well too- even though some people wore ear plugs coz they were pretty loud!

The surprise party happened to coincide with the BLCC, which was up in Ratho. I have to admit to a small twinge because I wasn’t going to compete but I think that was helped by the fact that I wouldn’t have been anywhere near fit enough and would’ve probably come last! It sounded like a great event though, it’s just a shame we don’t have a ‘Ratho’ south of the border.

Up til the party I was starting to enjoy my climbing again and was getting up to Yorkshire quite often with Ruth or Neil. I wasn’t managing to ‘tick’ anything but to be honest I was very much enjoying climbing on rock for the movement’s sake and feeling my body start to get back into shape. But with the party happening, I had to take a week and half off climbing while I resided at my sisters down south, which was mildly frustrating but worth it. It was lovely spending time with my family etc.

Once I got back to Sheff I was keen to get back on the climbing treadmill but by this point the weather had really crapped out. The Yorkshire crags were getting wet, although Neil Mawson and I went to Kilnsey on Sat 25th. It was dry enough for me, although the route I’d tried last time I was there ‘The Bulge’ f8a was now wet, so I found myself on ‘China Crisis’ f7c+, which was good but hard. It was a good day though and I felt like I was climbing a bit better even though I’d just had quite a bit of time off.

After that, the weather really was pants so I had a few sessions down the foundry, mainly routes but on 30th July, Ruth and I decided to go on the wave.

Spent a while warming up on easy problems, then was trying slightly harder ones. Then got on one which wasn’t supposed to be the living end but had a grim move (especially the way I was trying to do it!), utilising a crazy heelhook. Anyway, to cut a long story short I was in a very extreme position and there was a bang and a ripping sound in my knee, then numbness. I dropped off not quite sure what had happened but knowing it didn’t feel great. I wandered off to try and get a handle on what I’d done to myself and got some ice from the caf