Kendal and more.

25th Nov 2009

As usual, the Kendal Mountain Festival was great. To say it gets better every year is fairly subjective and has a lot to do with the quality of the films entered but I had a great time and thought there was a very high standard of entrants this year.

I was there for two reasons; Marmot UK (my clothing sponsor), are based near Kendal and became a major festival sponsor this year. So I was up there with Ste Mac signing some very cool Marmot posters that had been made especially for the event. We spent some of Saturday doing this and it was good fun. You get to meet lots of people and have a sociable time, so ‘Hi’ to everyone who came over. Planet Fear’s Dave Pickford also interviewed Ste and myself and these can be seen on I’m not sure when these will be uploaded though, within the next week I think.

The other reason I went was to watch films!! Yes, shock horror. You have to make a determined effort sometimes to go and see films, as it’s very easy to get stuck chatting to people you haven’t seen for ages and just have a good old social. Previously, I’ve been and not seen one film, so I was determined to see a load this year- and it was worth it, as I said before, there were some very good entrants.

My favourites or ones that have sections that stuck in my memory were:

Welsh Connections- Mr Dawes and others on great form

Alone on the wall- Mind blowing!

To The Rainbow- moving

A ski/snowboard one but I can’t find its name. It was stunningly filmed but a tad too long.

Single handed- edge of the seat stuff in places

Progression- only saw some of it but it looked great

Slab and Crack (Grit flick)- yes I know, I’m biased!!

There were lots that I didn’t see, such as The Asgard Project, which was meant to be very good, so I might try and catch that in Sheffield at the Kendal ’09 film night next week.

I also had a meeting in Newcastle on Monday about a very interesting new product that has just come into the UK. The reports and testimonials sound amazing and if it works it will revolutionise training and recovery for all sports people.

It’s basically base layer clothing and supports that somehow emit infra red and this seems to have stunning benefits.

I am being sent some items and will be putting them to the test soon. The clothing is Nexus and is made by Accapi ( and needless to say I am very intrigued. Especially as I am injured at the mo, if it can help with that bring it on.

There are reports of one guy who can’t do a one arm pull up but when he puts the top on, he can! It’s meant to up power levels and help with core tension, amongst other things- we’ll see…

I’ll let you know how it goes.