A little news

7th Dec 2009

Just had a nice weekend down Bristol way (although as usual, the M1 and M42 were grim). Tim and I decided to get out of Sheff and head south. The weather was just as bad there; well it was wetter but warmer.

So there were two missions;

1. Try and help my sister with her terrible terrier, Alfie and

2. Head to TCA (Bristol Climbing Academy) to climb with the kids

Now I’m no dog whisperer (although it’s fair to say I’m an aspiring one) and helping Ali with Alfie is not easy. She’s been having a hard time with him and he’s a handful but things are improving slowly. As Ceasr Millan says (!), calm assertive commands are the way forward to a well balanced dog- hmmm it might take a while.

It was the first time I’d been to TCA and I have to say I thought it was great. I obviously didn’t do much climbing because of my injuries at the moment but the few problems I did were fun and well set. There was a nice atmosphere down there and it was really good catching up with old friends, some I hadn’t seen for years.

Phoebe my niece, who is 8yrs, was going great guns and there were plenty of things for her to do even though she’s very small. Then Oli was training with the TCA junior squad and seems to get better every time I see him.

I’m looking forward to next weekends coaching session and hope lots of people come along and ask questions.

I’m going to the foundry tomorrow with Katherine Schirrmacher, which I’m looking forward to. It’ll be nice to see Katherine after a ridiculously long time and catch up on all her news and it’ll be nice to do some easy climbing. I’m just so sick of doing nothing and even though things hurt, I’ll be grateful to be moving on rock, be it artificial! I seem to be able to climb on very easy things without causing pain, so I guess that means it’s ok to do. I’m going back to Alison the physio on Wednesday after doing two weeks of the exercises she gave me and I’ve got high hopes of what she can do for me.

Kodo’s got Scott the vet this afternoon, which is quite exciting too. I’m hoping he’ll think she’s well enough to up her walks to two 15mins instead of 10mins. She’s finding it very boring and to be honest me too. Also, Scott said that she might be able to start hydrotherapy; I’m hoping he’ll say she’s ready. I can’t wait to see her splashing in the pool, ha ha.

Christmas is on its way and of course I haven’t thought about it too much. Although quite a few of my pressies are sorted. Now the kids are into climbing, I can get them things that they need. I’ve never been overly into Christmas but it’s quite nice hearing all the old cheesy songs on the radio and a general feeling of excitement around. It’s been cold recently, so maybe we’ll get some snow, that would be great.

I’ll let you know how the foundry goes…