Happy 2010!!

5th Jan 2010

Phew, Christmas and New Year are over. I have to admit it was all great but it’s kind of a relief for all the excess to be at an end. I’m not great at saying no to choccies and the rest, so consequently much was consumed and I feel a bit on the ill side of healthy. Combined with the odd glass of vino and many late nights, it doesn’t add up to feeling super fantastic at the start of 2010. But hey, now the festive season is over, it’s time to get back to normality and healthiness.

Xmas was down on the south coast with Tim’s brother Richard, it was great being on the beach but the downside was no snow. Were we the only place in the UK that didn’t have a white xmas? But we went kiting when a sea breeze was-a-blowin and got pulled around the shingle In fact it was so windy I yanked my bad shoulder quite badly without realising it and spent the next couple of days feeling sore.

We headed back to Sheffield just before New Year and I was very pleased to see that there was a little bit of snow around- but I was unprepared for what was to come. A little has turned into a right lot!!

We had a brill New Year’s eve, Tim produced a veritable feast to die for, he did himself proud. Then with bulging tummies we walked up to the top of Meersbrook Park and had one of the best views in Sheffield of all the fireworks. It was a top night with much hilarity and good friends, a great combo.

Having not climbed since before crimbo, a session was required. I was a bit nervous how my arm/shoulder/everything else would feel (admittedly I’ve been a bit remiss with my physio exercises over xmas), so a gentle session down at The Edge was called for. My partner Alex was in the same boat, so we had a nice evening pottering along doing lots of easy routes and getting the body used to doing more in the coming weeks.

But with the onset of much snow we’ve had a fantastic time frolicking about in it. Walks in the Peak, snow boarding on Mam Tor and snow boarding in Meersbrook Park- ace fun. I absolutely love it and can’t wait to get out tomorrow and do some more sliding on the white stuff.


Some winter pics in the gallery to have a look at.