Night boarding and more...

14th Jan 2010


Just a quick one as it’s quite late and I’ve got to get my gear ready for travelling to London tomorrow.

I am coaching on a BMC Talent Development day at The Westway wall in London on Saturday, with three other coaches and BMC personnel. There will be about 50 children there between 8yrs and 13yrs, so it’s going to be an interesting and busy day. I will be coaching the kids on routes and running three workshops. So if you were thinking of going to the Westway on Saturday, it might be worth bearing in mind that the wall might be busier than you expected!

I have had an amazing time since my last blog. The snow is so fantastic and I have tried to get to a different venue most days and search for powder and cool lines for boarding. I have had mixed success and am sure my legs must have doubled in size from all the walking up big hills I’ve been doing. In fact probably more walking than boarding, but hey, it’s been great fun being outside in these amazing conditions and I feel much more alive than I did a few weeks ago.

My good friend Alex Hughes and I had a lovely day up on Win Hill looking for slopes to slide down. We found some great stuff and had a brill time but what was even better was that it was a perfect weather and photography day (although unfortunately Tim hasn’t been out at all as he’s done his back in); the sky was blue and the sun shined and the world felt good. So buoyed by the fun, we decided to do some night boarding the next day. Well, I was on a snowboard and Alex was on her body board (IE for the sea, but goes like stink!). We had a great time, went back to two of our favourite fields, fell over, walked in deep powder, got tired and ate snow! It was a great night.

I have also been managing to get quite a bit of indoor routing done. It felt very hard after crimbo but four sessions later mixed between The Foundry and The Edge, I am starting to feel more like a climber and am able to have a good go at some slightly harder things.

It’s a great feeling because although my injuries are still persistent I feel I am finally making progress in my climbing and can finally enjoy it again.

I went to see my brill physio, Alison Macfarlane, yesterday. I feel progress was made and the source of my injury was identified and I have now got many exercises to do to try and teach me to keep my shoulder blade attached to my back. It keeps pulling away and this is one of the sources of my problems- for some reason.

Anyway, long may the snow continue in my opinion- even when I take Kodo out for a walk now my board comes with me just in case I find a little line to do- and generally I do.

Also, I feel like I’m walking around in Narnia most of the time, it’s so beautiful. If you can get to Millstone, check it out, it's really is lovely.

Right I’m off now but there is talk of Alex and I going to Wales to hack up some ice next week- can’t wait, fingers crossed!!

Finally, check out the gallery for lots of new images I’ve taken whilst out exploring the Peak; in ‘2010 we love the snow’ folder.