A new week

18th Jan 2010

As predicted Saturday was a busy day, in fact The Westway said it was their busiest day for years! So many thanks to them for allowing Us (the coaches) and The Kids in to make use of their facilities.

The BMC Talent Development Day was a great day and we had about 40 children from as far a field as Cornwall and North Wales. As I haven’t been involved in comps for a couple of years, it’s been a while since I’ve seen these young people climbing. We had 8-13 yr olds and the standards didn’t disappoint. I was very impressed with the overall level of the kids but there were a handful of very talented young people and if with the help of these types of events their talents can be nurtured and developed, we could be seeing some fantastic climbers in a few years time.

It was a long day though with all the travelling and with these types of things, quite mentally draining but ultimately satisfying.

So Sunday was a fairly lazy day with a zero-snow dog walk. I am very disappointed that the snow as pretty much all gone. It’s been brilliant to get out everyday and play about in the snow. But even more disappointing is that Alex and I were going to head to N Wales for a day to climb a classic ice route but it’s gone warm.

So, luckily, Tim and I are planning on going to The Ecrins at the beginning of February to get back to the white stuff. I am very excited, as it’s been a fair few years since I wielded my axes and it’s time they were dusted off. We’re going to start on some nice gentle grades and just see how we both feel. Also I’m hoping to some boarding in too, fingers crossed.

Unfortunately, Tim did his back in last week but it’s starting to improve. I just hope it doesn’t affect his ability to walk in with a heavy pack and ice climb- we’ll see.

I went and had a session at The Foundry today, it was good to be climbing again, and I feel I am making small improvements nearly every time I go in terms of my fitness. I don’t feel quite like such a bumbly anymore but still feel way below par. Hey ho, it’s going to take a while to build up again, also I’ve got to be careful not to overdo it with regards my duff shoulder. It’s hard to know what it can take but I do know my elbows are really complaining a lot. But it feels like I can climb through the pain and they aren’t a permanent problem- I hope I’m right.

I was hoping to climb tomorrow too but I’m not sure I’m going to find a partner. I need to try and start to climb more than one day on as that is how to build up the fitness, so I hope I get it sorted.