On the road again.

12th May 2010

Phew, life is going at a fast pace at the moment and just to prove it I have a stinking cold. I had a couple of nights of very bad sleep and I think I became open to infection- oh well.

The BMC Master Classes are now finished and Katherine and I had a great time. It was good fun travelling round to different walls and meeting new people. It’s a good job the UK isn’t too big, I wish there weren’t so many cars on the roads though!

We did end up in The Lakes for bank Holiday which was fun. It was very cold at times but nice to get away. We went to a nice crag called Gouther, which is in a very peaceful valley and had some good routes. I was impressed by the rock there but am not sure if all the Lakes is like this. You do hear some conflicting stories about Lakeland routes.

We finished on Friday amidst General Election fever, it was all quite exciting. Then had a very bad nights sleep on Friday and pretty much couldn’t do anything on Saturday. But we went to Pen Trwyn on Sunday with Sari and had a lovely day climbing a mixture of trad and sport. We managed to stay in the sun and out of the wind as much as possible and it was great. I don’t think I’d done much trad there before but I was impressed with the rock quality and would like to go back to do more. It’s not the mountains but it’s still fun climbing.

Now I’m just getting ready to go to Chamonix with Tim. He is doing some catalogue photo shoots and I’ll assist him on that. I’ll be back on Monday and then straight over to North Wales with Alex, I can’t wait. Hopefully, my cold will be better, the weather will have warmed up and my body will be raring to go. I haven’t been able to climb much over the last few weeks and there is an underlying frustration in me I think but I’ve just got to go with it at the moment and accept that that’s what is happening.

When I get back from N Wales, Tim, myself and Steve McClure are off to Pabbay, with some other friends. There hasn’t been much time to get organised unfortunately, I just hope we don’t forget anything essential- like food! Pabbay is a very remote island and once you’re dropped off by the fishing boat, that’s it you’re stuck there in isolation. Should be great!

I’ve got some exciting news but that will have to wait till my next blog, as it’s time to get on the road, again…