It's nearly over...

1st Sep 2010

I’ve just managed to grab a quick 5 mins to go back to my room and get my camera, so I thought I’d try and get a few words written.

We are finally on our last building- the Manchester Imperial War Museum. We should’ve finished last Friday but due to bad weather on the Clifton Suspension Bridge, the schedule was put back a few days.

I have to say, this is a fantastic venue for our last shoot. What’s probably contributing to my feelings of euphoria are;

We’re in Manchester and it’s not raining, in fact it’s so hot I might get a bit of a tan today,

we have managed to get to the end of the series with no major hiccups,

it’s Megan’s (our gorgeous camera lady) 30th birthday today,

we’re right on the waterfront at Salford Quay and it’s rather lovely- I’m into the ducks!

So, although ‘Climbing Great Buildings’ has taken over my life for the last two months, it’s been a blast. But it’s not over yet, we’re half way through our first day here, so plenty more exploring and climbing to do on this funky building.

I will update when the whole thing is over, as a lot has happened since I last blogged and many great buildings have been visited and clambered over.

I’d better get back to it…and don’t forget, the series starts on Monday 6th September- BBC2 6.30pm, every weekday night for three weeks, check it out.