Good news...

13th Jan 2011

Well, two good things to report to kick off this New Year.

I went to see Alison (physio) yesterday and it looks as though there are improvements in my shoulder. I’m very pleased about this, as it means there is light at the end of the tunnel (not sure where the end is though!). I thought it was feeling a bit better but it’s very hard to tell, as I don’t put it into any stressful positions, except with some of my physio exercises. But Alison confirmed that the movement was better and the positioning of the scapula etc more normal.

Also, I’ve had a burst of motivation and had quite a few climbing sessions (indoors) recently and am enjoying it. I’ll keep plugging away with my exercises and hope that things just continue on that upward trend. I am also going to get acupuncture and am having a free consultation on Monday (which seems a no brainer), just to see whether it will help or not, fingers crossed.

The other good news is that Monster may have a new home. I’m actually very sad writing this as we will all miss the little chap a lot, he has such a presence that will leave a hole when he goes. But it’s all for the best. A lady from Liverpool saw him on the Rainrescue website, loved the look of him and is coming to see him soon. She is very keen, so we’ll have to see how the meeting goes on the day.

It is very tempting just to say we’ll keep him but it’s such a major commitment that really does change your life. Having kodo is manageable (with compromises) but two would change things a lot more. So the sooner he finds a home the better, as he’s very settled with us and it will be an upheaval for him.

Anyway, I’m actually sitting on a train writing this. I’m on my way down to The Outdoor Show at Excel in London, which is always fun. I’m working on the DMM stand with the crew, it’s always one of the most interesting stands, with lots of shiny new gear to look at and fiddle with. Also, we are right next to the competition walls, so the viewing will be fun too. My nephew Oli is competing in the BBC (British Bouldering Championships) on Sunday, so I’ll definitely be there to cheer him on. Nothing wrong with a bit of nepotism every now and again!