...and relax...

15th Mar 2011

Well I am now back in the land of hardcore training beasts- that is- Sheffield! Not that I get to witness or do any of that first hand at the moment, as pottering is the order of the month (or prob next few months realistically).

But I’ve now finished my UK tour of BMC technique master classes. Even though there was a lot of driving and I was doing it on my own (three cheers for my xmas present sat nav, I love you), I enjoyed the whole experience. It’s very interesting going to different pockets of climbers dotted around the country and getting a feeling for the vibe of a place. The walls create the hub and the interest feeds from there. It’s nice for me to get to new venues and places, that to be honest, would never normally be on my radar and see what people are up to (and occasionally catch up with old friends that I haven’t seen for YEARS). So, nice to meet you all and I hope the climbing improves! You know what to do!!

It was a hectic couple of weeks, what with presenting ShAFF in the middle too but that was fun as always and pretty busy.

I just made it into college on Friday for my furniture making course. I was pretty pooped as I got back late on Thursday from Bristol and had to sort the dogs out etc. So I went in after lunch and carried on with my dog toy box. It’s not really taking shape and in fact is just a pile of random bits of wood. But they now have various pencil marks on them and next week I’ll be cutting the mortice and tenons- exciting. I don’t think precision is my forte when it comes to measuring, so I’m fully expecting the box to be wonky- oh dear never mind. The dogs won’t notice!!

So I now have a calmer week of catching up on admin and doing ‘life’ stuff. In fact I have a long to do list, just in case I conveniently forget my jobs. As ever, still seeing the Chinese Doctor, in fact I went on Saturday and am going tomorrow too. I had real proof that my shoulder is improving because last year when I was teaching the master classes, it was impossible for me to demo the straight arm technique on my left arm, as my shoulder was too painful. So I always had to look for holds for my right hand. Whereas this year, I didn’t even have to think about it. It’s great to feel real improvements.

Sunday started off raining but then turned out really nice. Tim and I don’t have much time together as he’s working away quite a lot, so weekends have to squeeze a lot in. So when the sun finally came out on Sunday, we got out up to Hamper’s hang and did some shots for Marmot (having spent the morning working on images for the Llamff talk). They needed an advert for their new chalk bag. It was lovely to be out, after being cooped up for two weeks, even though I felt a bit chilly- I’m such wimp. The dogs loved it too, although we had to tie poor Buis up as she is overly interested in sheep and frankly can’t be trusted. So instead of chewing on a sheep’s leg, she decided to demolish my nalgene bottle top instead- great!

It is nice to be back and be able to spend some calm time with the dogs and get out walking with them, I’ve missed my walks. I was meant to be going to the Foundry today for some routes but my partner is ill, so looks like that won’t happen, which is a shame. I haven’t climbed for 2-3weeks and am starting to go a bit crazy- ahh! Another reason for going to the Foundry, was to pick up the money Tim and I made from the ShAFF second hand sale. Tim’s giving his money to a cancer hospice and I’m giving 50% (I’m more skint than he is) to Rain Rescue, the animal shelter that we fostered Monster from. I don’t know how much we got, or even if we sold everything but every little bit will help. So I might pop down to CragX anyway to find out.

Hoping to go out on Thursday with Miss Alex Hughes, fingers crossed for sunshine. It’ll be lovely to get some routes done. Although if Sunday is anything to go by I’ll be rubbish. I mean I can’t expect anything else because I’m just doing hardly anything at the moment but it’s still depressing when you get sore muscles the next day from literally just hanging on to two holds!! Not a good feeling but hey, there’s more important things in life to worry about…like grim tsunamis and nuclear explosions!!