I love the sun!

11th Apr 2011

Crikey! I hadn’t realised how long it had been since my last blog. No major upsets or epics to report (well apart from the fact that Kodo’s torn her cruciate ligament again and can barely walk- poor thing).

The good news is that I’ve been going out climbing a lot- finally. I’m still going to acupuncture twice a week and the Dr is doing some wicked massage on my shoulder and slow progress is being made. Consequently, when the sun decided to come out a few weeks ago, I headed out and have been out ever since. Not doing anything too hard, trying to build up slowly but actually doing a little bit of bouldering with my housemate Alex, who’s very keen to do Zippy’s trav at The Cowperstone. I have been out there a few times with her recently and I have to say it’s a great problem. It’s got slopers, a minging crimp and lots of painful jamming- what more could you ask for? Although my fitness is way off at the mo, I feel like the problem is possible and I’m enjoying messing about on it.

I’ve been getting out on grit routes a lot, again just easier stuff but it’s good for the head and body.

Alex and I have planned a trip in June, we’re off to the Verdon. Unbelievably I’ve never been and it’s always been high up on my list, so we’re gonna go. I absolutely can’t wait, it’s going to be fab, I’m sure we’ll have a ball and get lots of classic climbing done. With this in mind we headed out to some Peak limestone last Thursday (ok not the best preparation for The Verdon but hey, what can you do?), Smalldale Quarry. This place has some very good longer (it’s all relative!) routes in the f7’s. But we didn’t make it onto them, after warming up on some sixes, we got so cold we bailed to Horseshoe Quarry- what a couple of wimps, ha ha. But honestly, the wind was whipping through, we were in the shade and it was downright miserable. Kodo was shivering too.

We got on a supposed 2 star f7a+ on the upper tier at Horseshoe. What a pile of horses dung!! One star would be stretching it. The climbing was pants, the rock wasn’t great and we couldn’t do it, hmmpff. We spent quite along time faffing about on it and it kept us occupied but to be honest, I can think of a lot better things we could’ve done!

Well, the BIG 4-0 is seriously looming, only a week to go, ahh!! I have to say I’m not relishing turning 40, 30 was great and I had no problems with it whatsoever but 40 isn’t looking so good. I think what with being injured and generally just coming out of a winter fug, turning 40 isn’t quite what the doctor ordered. Tim has arranged me a surprise party (not much of a surprise now!) in Sheff which will be great but to be honest when I found out I really didn’t feel like it was something I wanted to celebrate- bit of a knee jerk reaction. It’ll be nice though and after all there’s not much I can do about the onset of old age, so I better just get used to it…hmm…

Anyway, that’s about it for now. Off out to The Cowperstone to shred some skin- yippee.