40 at last- yesterday!

20th Apr 2011

Well it’s finally come…and gone!! I’ve been building up this whole turning 40 thing and to be honest it just came and went yesterday- as you’d kind of expect really.

My actual birthday day was trumped on Saturday with a party Tim organised, which was lovely. I have to admit to being a little dismayed when Tim told me about the do, not the fact that he’d gone to all the trouble to organise something but I really wasn’t in the mood for celebrating this milestone in life. But I mellowed to the idea and we all had a lovely evening at the Bragazzis restaurant in Sheff.

My actual birthday wasn’t the most amazing day (although the sun shone brightly, which is all I ever ask for really), nothing major to report. Although I did go for a run which for me was fairly momentous- hopefully more of that to come. I will admit that I was slightly frustrated all day, as I hadn’t arranged anything ‘special’ to do, so wanted to ‘do’ something. And when I get like that, anything could happen. It normally results in another earring being punched through my lobe somewhere. I have five piercings at the mo and can feel another coming on…although, I fear something more drastic may be afoot. As a teenager I always wanted a radical haircut, namely a Mohican but I could never quite bring myself to go for it- wow wasn’t I sensible. Anyway, I stupidly said a couple of years ago that on my 40th I was going to get a Mohican done, dur! Well, I haven’t been allowed to forget it, so it may have to happen. I KNOW it’s not gonna look great and I’ll look like a boy but to be honest you don’t have a style like that to look good. I have a small rebellious streak in me and I think if I don’t get it done now, I never will. And I always say, you should never have regrets in life and oddly, that would be a regret- weird huh?

So off to check out a hairdressers called Betty Tigers in Sheff that is meant to be good at the weird and wacky.

Last Thursday was a good day, a marathon of activity in fact. Alex and myself are trying to get into shape for The Verdon in June, so we decided to try to do it in one day!! We went bouldering at the Cowperstone in the morning to plug away with Zippatrocity. Unfortunately, we were a little tardy and by the time we got there it had roasted in the sun for a few hours. Not the best for those optimal grit conditions. It really was a disaster, the slopers at the start were nigh on impossible to hang, turning the whole exercise into an extended walk rather than a bouldering session! Although we could still shred ourselves on the jamming section which is always good for a scream or two. So we left the beauty of The Peak and headed indoors to The Foundry to climb 20 routes- each Well that was the plan, a little optimistic possibly…if we’d done it we might have left the wall at about 10pm and we still had a run to do. So we did 20 between us. My stamina was shocking, although it wasn’t horrendous in the grand scheme of things but compared to what it’s been like it was poor poor poor. But hey, I haven’t been doing routes at all for a long time, so The Verdon will be the perfect place for me at the mo- ha ha!

Anyway, then we actually did manage to drag ourselves out for a run. I was amazed as I’m probably the worst runner in the known universe but I managed to make it round without collapsing. Alex has dragged me out a couple of times recently and I am actually almost enjoying it, so I will try to go once a week- don’t want to overdo it!!

So after that marathon day, needless to say my poor old (OLD being the operative word) body was feeling a little rigid to say the least. But I got pummelled by the Chinese doctor on Friday, so that was good. My climbing frequency has tailed off a little recently. I had an intense period and I think I’m a little tired so need to ease off a little. It’s weird not being able to do what you used to. The mind is the same but the body definitely isn’t. Hey ho, there’s a lot of worse things that could be going on than an injured shoulder.

Anyway, this morning I decided to have an early visit to The Cowperstone, again trying to avoid the sun. Hmm, another fruitless attempt. I was there by 8.30am and luckily there was a breeze but it was still too hot to pull on those classic grit slopers. But I did try out my new jamming gloves that Alex got me for my birthday- they are fingerless gloves with rubber on the back- awesome! Is it cheating? I don’t know but it certainly makes knobbly grit jamming more pleasant.

Got to go, haircut to get…