DMM rock at the Outdoor Show 2012

16th Jan 2012

DMM rock at the Outdoor Show 2012

Well, another Outdoor Show comes to an end. It was a hectic four days at the Excel centre on the DMM stand and overall a great event. As always we had a lot of eye catching gear and there were plenty of cool things going on chez DMM, such as; the tensile testing machine which tests equipment to it’s ultimate breaking point and is a real crowd pleaser. We were mainly breaking Crabs and slings and explaining why they broke where they did. We also had Medwen on the stand who has worked in the DMM factory for over 25 years and she assembles carabiners. She was showing the general public how a crab goes together and what the component parts are. She always had a crowd round her and made the process look deceptively easy. When I had a go it took me about 10 minutes to do one crab (although when Tim came on the Friday and had a go, he did it pretty easily) and apparently she’s making 1500 a day, that is just a bit mad!! There were also bargains galore on all DMM gear, I think quite a few people came along and just completely updated their racks, in one go. Not a bad plan really.

The O2 Arena from our hotel

As well as being on the stand to chat with people, help out and sign posters, I was doing master classes. Both Libby Peter and myself were alternating these but they were so popular, that DMM got Ben Bransby and Liam Halsey to do some too. They had been pre-booked on the net and it was a shame that we had to keep turning people away. So if it happens next year, make sure you try to get in early. There was no national competition this year, so instead the Beacon Climbing guys had built lots of different walls for people to have a go at climbing and there was plenty to have a go at. And for our master classes we had a our own dedicated bouldering wall, which was pretty cool and worked well. It was nice to be doing some climbing over the days rather than hours of standing around. And also, everyone who came to the workshops were nice people and keen to learn- so give yourselves a pat on the back and thanks again for coming along- and hopefully you’ll all be climbing like technical wizards now too!!

Coaching a Master Class

Now back in Sheffield and finishing off a few bits and pieces before Tim and I go to Cogne, Italy tomorrow. Although up until last Thursday we were going to La Grave, France but the knowledge was ‘No ice’! So we were very lucky in that we managed to change our accommodation and are now hoping to find ice in Cogne, fingers crossed. But I’m taking my snow board just in case…


Medwen helping Tim assemble a Carabiner