RIP Kodo Sep 2002-Feb 2012...

22nd Feb 2012

This is definitely the hardest blog I’ll ever have to write. I am torn, as I want to do it justice and take my time but equally I’m not thinking straight and I just want to write what comes out of my traumatised brain.

Basically, on Sunday morning, Kodo the wonder-being died. This has been the most difficult time of my life and it is hard to feel it’s going to get better but intellectually I know it will.

To those of you who knew Kodo, you may have an inkling of understanding as to why I am grieving so. She had a genuine love for life that was infectious and couldn’t be ignored. She was a light in our life that burned so bright and brought such joy, that when the light is gone, the world feels a darker place. Her presence was beautiful and she didn’t just bring joy to our lives, she made friends wherever she went. She spread her Kodo-love around and that was what was special about her, as well as loving life she loved people and although she was part of our family, she wouldn’t hesitate to potter off and make friends along the crag- especially if there might have been a few titbits on offer or a tummy-tickle to be had.

Writing this is actually making me smile, I thought when I started I was going to have to waterproof my keyboard as Niagara Falls was welling up and about to descend but in fact I am feeling quite happy.

Remembering all the Kodo gorgeousness just can’t help but make me feel slightly more positive

To those of you who aren’t animal lovers, I make no apologies for the strong emotions I am feeling. This little being was the centre of our family and I don’t care whether it’s a horse, a person, a budgie, or a rat- if they are part of you and share your life, then you are going to feel incredible loss when they are gone.


Kodo was with us 24/7, we are lucky that we have a great lifestyle for owning dogs, she came everywhere with us and shared all our time. To suddenly have that taken away is shocking to say the least. She was a demanding little sausage and was always there whatever you were doing being nosy and inquisitive but what she asked for she gave back a hundred fold. The unconditional love, positivity and absolute commitment to living life to the full was Kodo’s gift to us and I will always thank her for that.

Bless you Kodo we loved you so much and you will always be in our hearts.

Tim's first picture of Kodo, we had only just got her from the RSPCA and she was a year and four months old, Jan 2004.