Rain rain go away...

28th Jun 2012

My Olympic torch glimpse

I am now four weeks post shoulder op and steadily getting on with things. I saw the surgeon a couple of weeks ago and apparently the four incisions that were made weren’t relevant to anything specific, they was just the number he needed to do at the time. He also said my tear looked as though it had been there a while (which I knew, as it’s now been over three years since I first noticed the problem) but wasn’t an extreme tear, which explains why I could carry on climbing but just not at my highest level. He also said he found a tear in my supraspinatus (part of the shoulder rotator cuff group), which had been identified when I had an initial CT scan. He said he cleaned this up and shaved off frays etc. He had a look at my bicep and the rest of the shoulder and said it all looked pretty good, which was a relief and nice to know.

I am now doing my own physio, having been out of the sling for a week. So Tim, my star physio, is off the hook. It is great having my arm back in use, although it felt very strange at first and needed some re-education in how to work properly. My shoulder does seem to be hurting more now, which I guess is linked to the fact that it’s not being supported in the sling and I am pushing it more in the physio. I hope I’m not over doing it, as it seems to be stiffening up too on some of the exercises, rather than loosening off. But recovery comes with ups and downs and I’m hoping it will start feeling looser and slightly less achy. My surgeon is expecting that at 6 weeks I should be able to lift my arm up to my head forwards and sideways, I’m not far from that now but it does hurt to get it to the top.

Due to the utterly rubbish weather and my non-driving status confining me to home (apart from lots of dog walking with Buis-Bear), I have found myself becoming very patriotic and getting into all the sport that is happening at the mo. My Mum is the football fanatic in the family, having been a Man U fan for many years; also she was at Wembley when England won the World Cup in…1966- not a bad tick! But, even I have been  watching Euro 2012 and actually enjoying it and admit to feeling sick when we yet again lost the penalty shoot out. I don’t normally watch sport, much preferring to being out doing it but have to admit that Wimbledon does have me glued to the TV usually. Although, it always seems to coincide with me being away climbing in Ceuse or somewhere similar. So I am going to relish my sofa surfing this year and feel no guilt when lazing around getting square eyes.

The Olympic procession getting the crowd hyped up and kept under control

I’m also enjoying the Olympic build up and a few of us went down to the Sheffield city centre to see the torch whizzing by. The build up procession was pretty full on and loud but the guy carrying the torch was actually running so quickly that I could barely see it. Due to being a short arse and protecting my shoulder I couldn’t join in the jostling for position to get a good view, I was also trying to take pictures which mostly came out as being the back of peoples heads, oh well. It was nice to make the effort to go down and it was a rare beautiful evening.


I’ve also started harmony singing classes, which has been an interesting diversion. This type of singing is a very easy way to access singing and you make some lovely sounds as a group. I’ve always enjoyed singing along to songs and it’s nice to get out and do it in a relaxed group, so thought I’d give it a go. The downside is that it’s made me realise just how unfit my lungs are with my lack of puff. Walking is great but it doesn’t work your lungs hard enough. But my leg just isn’t up to any running yet (too painful), so I’ll just have to hope the singing will help my lungs a bit and maybe start doing some biking when my shoulder is up to it.


My attempt at making Sheffield look slightly Mediterranean, ok I know, a big ask!