7th Aug 2012

Winning Jess Murray kiss

It’s official, I’m completely carried away with the Olympics. The coverage is fantastic and I’m definitely taking advantage of it and watching as many of our awesome GB athletes as possible- in between lovely walks with Buis Bear and my shoulder-physio regime of course.

Out of the many incredible feats our GB team have achieved covering so many different sports (too many to mention!), the highlight so far for me has been Sheffield’s own Jess Ennis winning the heptathlon Gold. When I applied for Olympic tickets and didn’t get anything I was very disappointed but was determined to do something for our home Olympics. Sheffield doesn’t have a screen permanently showing the event but last weekend there was Sheftival which was a mini music festival at the Don Valley Bowl, with a massive screen in the Don Valley Stadium showing the coverage over 4th-5th August weekend. So we got tickets for this event and it really was brilliant. Ok it wasn’t the same as actually being in London at the Olympic stadium but it certainly was an amazing atmosphere and felt very exciting. There was a big Sheffield crowd there watching ‘our Jess’ and everybody was cheering and screaming her on, it felt like we were there with her, the atmosphere was electric. And to watch her running that final 800m event and to come through from 4th place and win so convincingly was just the icing on the cake for her incredible London Olympics, there were tears all round. We also watched the men’s 100m on Sunday on the screen which was pretty cool too but don’t those guys just get put on the biggest pedestal?!

Also, before we headed over to Sheftival I was glued to the TV watching Andy Murray’s Olympic bid (am I managing to get all the clichés in?). I am a massive tennis fan and that final was a dream match, a repeat of Wimbledon of course. At Wimbledon I wasn’t sure whether I wanted Federer or Murray to win (I think Murray got the edge) but at the Olympics I had no conflicting allegiances and was fully behind Murray. So to watch him beat Federer like he did was completely awesome and lets hope he can carry on his form for the US Open soon. Also, massive congrats to him and Laura Robson for a brilliant silver medal.

Only a few days left to go before it’s all over, which will be a relief in a way. Just hope the weather picks up as it’s raining again, it would be nice to try and turn my eyes round again as they really are square at the moment and it’ll be nice to get out in The Peak more and take some pictures etc.

Just watched the Brownlee brothers win Gold and Bronze in the triathlon- awesome effort lads!!

Andy Murray's dogs proudly wearing his medals- love it!!