Paralympics end and climbiing starts!

10th Sep 2012

Paralympics end and climbiing starts! Paralympics end and climbiing starts!

All the clichés have been ringing out around the country but the root of all clichés is truth and it has really been an incredible summer of sport. I’m not the biggest sport fan funnily enough and don’t tend to watch it much on TV but have been totally hooked since Wimbledon in July. With the Paralympics ending in a festival of fire last night, it’s time to see if the lasting legacy (got to get another cliché in!) will live on in the nation. I had a slow start with the Paralympics as we were away for a wedding over the first weekend but soon got swept up into it and truly enjoyed all the highs and lows of the para-athletes. I can honestly say, that these games have altered my attitude towards disability too. As I don’t know any disabled people first hand, I never really thought about it too much and in all honesty would probably not have believed what was physically possible for some of the athletes unless I had seen it with my own eyes at the Paralympics. I have literally been in tears many times just watching real grit and determination on show. Buis mourning the Olympic end (I think!)

I think it’s been true for many people watching, that very quickly we stopped seeing disabled people doing sport, we were just watching truly committed sports people who were incredibly good at their chosen disciplines. I have really got quite emotional (as usual!) watching so many of the games and races because you realise just how important sport is to people and how uplifting it can be and give focus to your life. That for me has been a very salutary lesson…I’ve watched so much sport on TV over the last couple of months due to how good it’s been and because my injuries have stopped me being so active (it’s been a great excuse too!), that it has helped to give me perspective on how things are progressing for me. The better my shoulder feels the more realistic climbing and other things start to feel. At first you feel like you’ll never climb again but as things start healing those feelings give way to a more positive attitude and now I am looking forward to what will be a big hill to climb but should be a fun one too. I just can’t say how much I have enjoyed London 2012, it’s been a truly one off experience (quite probably the only time the Olympics will be in Britain in my lifetime) and I am glad that I’ve soaked it all up and that it has been so successful for all the GB athletes. I just hope we don’t all have a big comedown now as we return to the doom and gloom of the double dip recession and the negativity of the news on a daily basis.


I am pleased to say that I’m going climbing for the first time since my shoulder operation today, which is great. We’ll just go to the wall, as it’s very controllable and I can easily just top rope routes. I’m really looking forward to it but know it’ll just be an easy session and kind of a test to work out what I can and can’t do with it. I’ve lost ridiculous amounts of muscle over the last few months, which I’m trying to build back up with physio but I think nothing is going to be better than actually going climbing and gaining muscle that way.

I will let you know how it goes…

Also, come on Andy Murray in the US Open, could today be his day??