First tan of the year?

25th Sep 2012

Lu and the Dalai pupster Lleida

I am very excited as I am going on a last minute trip to Catalunya!! It’s one of my favourite places and it was the last area where I climbed really well before my shoulder problems; in fact it was probably the cause of my shoulder problems but I’ll gloss over that for now.

My housemate Alex was heading over to the pinnacles of Riglos with a friend but unfortunately for him he broke his ankle the other day, so I am taking over. As much as I would love to go to Riglos, having never been, I didn’t think it would be the best place to start after a 9 month lay off and one short session at the Foundry. Hauling my way up 300m of steep multi pitch routes probably wouldn’t have been the best intro back into climbing for my shoulder and I would probably have been broken by the first afternoon. So Alex has kindly changed her plans and we are going to go cragging and find some classic easier routes.

Powerful pocket pulling at Margalef.

Looking at POD’s Lleida guide it doesn’t look like we are going to have trouble fulfilling this goal. And if my shoulder feels ok, we may end up doing some multi pitch at Villanova de Meia or Terradets, as we would both love to gain height at some point. Also, every time I’ve been to this area, I’ve been in my van and had the Dalai-pupster Kodo with me and multi pitch hasn’t really been an option. So maybe this time…it will be a little sad to be in Catalunya without Kodo though, as we were a team and she made all the cold evenings in the van bearable; but she’ll be up there somewhere looking down with a wonky smile on her face.

As well, as climbing on some lovely limestone we are both looking forward to some sun. Lets face it, this Summer didn’t exactly come up trumps in that department and being a true Sunlover, I am feeling major withdrawal symptoms. So I am crossing my fingers big time for the sun to be out and hoping the rain doesn’t follow us from wet, cold Blighty!

I was also hoping for the sun in Pembroke last weekend but we didn’t make it down there, as Ste Mac drilled a hole in his finger, which is fairly unfortunate for a professional climber. But we had some lovely weather on Saturday in The Peak, so that was nice.

Anyway, my next blog will no doubt be me raving about Spain, wondering why we don’t live there and probably booking a ferry ticket to head straight back!

Whatever happens we are going to enjoy ourselves and soak up some Spanish rays. That reminds me…I need to find my phrasebook…

A lovely cup of coffee in the sun may be consumed once in a while,

it won't be enjoyable but these things have to be done

for medicinal purposes.