Filming on slate for The 1 Show

23rd Nov 2013

Lu coffee Vivian reflection Wet guide Drive over

After a couple of months talking to a production company about interesting venue choices for The 1 Show, we finally filmed some climbing in Vivian Quarry, North Wales.

Tim kindly agreed to belay me, so we headed over with the dogs on Thursday night to be ready for filming on Friday (22nd Nov).

Unfortunately, it rained all morning. I don’t think this is what Nick the director had in mind (!) and to be fair, it wasn’t forecast at all. So our plan of me climbing Comes The Dervish seemed somewhat scuppered. But slate being slate, there was a chance of some quick drying rock.

(Left) Me having a van-made coffee waiting for the rock to dry out.

Now, we had a drone there to do some of the high filming (as well as Ian Burton, who did the climbing camerawork on Climbing Great Buildings). But the key to the drone working was that there had to be zero wind; the forecast had said no wind and thankfully it was right. So with no wind (my favourite) and chilly temps (not my favourite), the chance of the rock magically drying out looked a little unlikely.

But somebody was looking after us that day and the E1 to the right of The Dervish, slowly dried the right side of damp and this became our chosen route.

(Left) There were some lovely reflections in the stillness of the Vivian pool, shame I only had my iphone!

I wasn’t looking forward to trying to climb a damp Dervish and Andy Torbet, the presenter, I think felt this would’ve been a step too far for him too, so a little relieved, we climbed Last Tango.                            

Andy and myself after the climb.

As I was climbing it, the sun came out and the light was lovely and also it’s quite a spectacular route looking down from above, so by all accounts the climb worked really well and should look great in the short film they have made about Slate.
So what started out as a potentially damp, grim N Wales day came good in the end.


The dogs were very good having to spend a lot of the day in the van but they behaved well. And it fact it was Tayo’s (our new little chap) first trip anywhere in the van, they were going to have to spend the night in it but luckily the hotel we stayed in had dog friendly rooms, so they were let off the hook.

(Left) Checking out the guide for wet weather options.

I’m not sure he’s completely taken with van-life yet, he seemed to shake for a lot of the journey but he’ll get used to it. He’s going to have to, he’s off to the vets tomorrow to get his rabies jab and pet passport because we’re hoping to drive off to Europe for a trip after Christmas- can’t wait!!


Me, Tim and Ian reunited after Climbing Great Buildings- having fun!