How long can one person be ill for?

5th Jan 2015

Oli Shampton New Years 15

Well, Christmas and New Year have come and a bit of a blur of lemsip, hankies and a snifter of Night Nurse. Yes, I sucoombed to some sort of nasty virus at the around the second week of December and am only now starting to feel like a human being again. I am really annoyed that I now haven't climbed for a month (!) and the most I have been able to muster is dog walking and a bit of DIY. In fact I think that was over doing it and at one point I ended up in the NHS walk in centre after two weeks of illness becasue it started to seem beyond a joke. But I was told it was an inevitable virus (I was actually relieved I didn't have to take any dreaded anti-biotics) and to carry on with paracetamol-based medication. This I have to say made Christams bearable and I had a great time down Bristol way with my family. Probably a little over excessive but hey, life's for living isn't it?

The image on the left was taken in Southampton and is my nephew Oli. He was there with his bandmates, The Jacques, who were playing a gig on 29 December. My other nephew, Jake is also in the band along with two other siblings, Finn and Elliott. They are really getting some airpplay at the moment and were on Radio 1 and C4 recently with their new EP, 'Pretty DJ'. Unfortunately, Finn the singer was ill too and did a valiant job of getting through the songs with a voice like sandpaper!

We also missed all the snow that Sheffield had, which I was half sad about but also relieved as my car is being an unreliable starter in the cold and we could have had fun and games in the snow. I am now walking around in thermals and numerous layers and also sleeping in my onesie that I got for Christmas for my sister, it's definitely a lot colder up here than it was down south. 

Time to toughen up!

(left) a lovely day to bring in 2015

So goodbye 2014 and bring on 2015. I am hoping to go away to Spain in my van with one of my dogs, probably the little one Theo (pronounced Tayo). But will put the date back to end of Jan/beginning Feb, as I need to do some training and get my body back up to speed and lose some of those extra Christmas pounds that snuck on, oops!

Have fun with all your climbing plans for the coming year.