Climbing Clinic


This is your chance to quiz Lucy with your climbing queries. Just send an email and your questions and answers will appear here, so they can be useful for other people.

“I would like this to be an informal access point for information. All those annoying things you or your mates are stumped by, I’ll give it a go. It could be something to do with technique, to, what’s the scariest HVS in Britain? And if I can’t answer it, I’ll probably know someone who can. I will try to answer your questions ASAP but if I’m away and have difficulty getting access to the net, there might be a delay. So don’t be shy and have a go.”


8th Feb 2016 Michelle

Question: Since you had to take time out of climbing due to injuries I would like your advice having recently dislocated my elbow, I am keen to get back into climbing but equally don't want to rush...

28th Jan 2016 Rachel

Question: I have a question for you in your online climbing clinic, it's a bit unusual but maybe its just not talked about. I get pain in my calves when performing a heel hook. The pain itself is...