ShAFF winners 2012 (and CWIF)

12th Mar 2012

ShAFF winners 2012 (and CWIF)

To find out who won the nine film festival prizes that Tim and I judged for this year, click here.

It was a fantastic event as ever, dare I say it- even better than last year! We had so many people and as I have been presenting for three years now, it's quite easy to tell.

And also, the sun shone so brightly; we tried to arrange rain but that Mr. Sun just wouldn't go in. So the people who did make it down to sit and watch films in a darkened room, were true supporters of the event and got to see some great films to boot!

Also, click here for the results of CWIF (Climbing Works International Festival). Luckily, there was a live feed from the comp being shown at ShAFF which I was very pleased about. These events are always on the same weekend, so I always miss being able to go and watch CWIF. Anyway, it was awesome seeing Shauna and Dave win such a high level competition- congratulations to them both.