I'm not happy with my Ettringen piece...read on...

17th Apr 2012

Ettringen cam

Check out our Ettringen piece in this month’s ‘Climb’ magazine. Ettringen (west Germany) is maybe not the most beautiful climbing area but it is atmospheric and has 100’s of routes to do and is a great destination for Brits wanting some trad abroad.

Unfortunately, I don’t feel ‘Climb’ have done this place justice. I am not in the habit of publicly airing my grievances but in this instance I feel quite strongly about it. Partly because I think it doesn’t show Ettringen in it’s best light (Tim took so many amazing images while we were there), and the other reason is because I don’t think it represents me very well as a writer.

Briefly, the article is shorter than it should’ve been and I feel the heart of the article has been edited out. Both Tim and I put a lot of effort into this piece, while we were there and when we returned. I researched and wrote a lot of information on Ettringen, including recommended crags and recommended routes in those areas, as there are a lot of sub sectors here. I feel this information is crucial to people who want to visit an area and to publish an article without this information is wrong; especially if the information was supplied. Due to how it’s been edited it now has a sub-title of ‘Recommended Areas’ and the areas listed are the only areas that exist, so it’s a complete misnomer and makes me look like a bit of an idiot.

So I am very disappointed with the article  and feel it was a missed opportunity. But what I would like to say, is if you are thinking of going there and would like some tips on the areas and good routes, then I do have this information, so please get in touch.

Thumbs down for ‘Climb’ this month and rant over.