Berdorf article in Climber Sept 2012 issue

20th Aug 2012

Berdorf opener Berdorf article

Our Berdorf (Luxembourg) article is out in the shops now in this month's Climber.

It's good to see it finally in print but again I have to admit to being slightly disappointed with the size of it (there were plenty of Tim's good pictures and my words to cover 8-10 pages) and some of the picture choices or rather omissions. There was a great image of local climber Tom Braun who was also incredibly helpful on the classic 'Voleur de Spits' f7a+, which didn't make it in; which was a shame. But there you go, you can't have everything.

Anyway, for a new sport climbing destination abroad that is very easy to get to, Berdorf is well worth checking out. So try to get a look at the article.

As I said after the Ettringen article that was published earlier this year in May's  'Climb', I am happy if anyone needs more info then just get in touch via my website.

My goal was to bring people's attention to this great crag and hopefully give people fresh ideas for places to go.

So...get yourselves over there!