Kendal Festival 2012 and the winners.

20th Nov 2012

Kendal flag

Kendal Mountain Festival 2012 drew to a close on Sunday night. I was there all week judging a total of 66 films along with Simon Yates and Ian Smith. It was entertaining, exhilarating, motivating and if I’m honest a little tedious on occasion but that’s the beauty of a film competition; the variety of styles, content and quality.

To read more about my experiences this year both watching films and some awesome lectures, catch my blog here.

Here is the list of the KMF 2012 award winners:

The Grand Prize:                ‘Crossing the Ice’- Justin Jones

Best Climbing:             ‘Wide Boyz’- Paul Diffley

Best Mountaineering:         ‘The Old Breed’- Rufus Lusk

Best Mountain Adventure:             ‘Autana’- Alastair Lee

Best Culture:               ‘Capetown’- Ben Barden

Best Environment:             ‘Chasing Water’- Peter McBride

Best Adrenaline:             ‘Where the Trail Ends’- Derek Westerlund, Scott Bradfield & Ben Bryan

Best Short:                  ‘The Warrior’- Skip Armstrong

People's Choice:             ‘Wide Boyz’- Paul Diffley

Judge's Special Prize:             ‘Verticalmente Demode’- Davide Carrari

AFA Winner:                ‘The Extra Mile’- Anna Panayotopoulos & Jack Stevenson

  Music composed by: Cam Harris


Many congratulations to you all.