NEW- Climbers Against Cancer

22nd Dec 2012


Recently, I got some bad news that one of the good guys in the climbing world has terminal cancer. His name is John Ellison and he has been involved in the comp scene for years as a judge and helps out a lot with the GB teams.

On receiving this news from a doctor, I’m pretty sure my world would fall apart but not so for John. He has become a galvanised wonder-being and amongst other things has set up CAC- Climbers Against Cancer;, the website will be live soon.

It is a brilliant idea and is really gathering momentum. John has had some great t-shirts produced in mens and women’s styles, there will be information about where to buy them on the website, so when that becomes available, you can become part of it too..

Last Sunday, Tim and I went down to his studio to get some shots for John to use on the site of me wearing a CAC t-shirt. See some of the shots I’ve posted with this piece.

Here are some words from John about his situation…


Here we are in the studio and Buis Bear couldn't resist coming and giving me a big fat kiss- she's such a cuddle-bucket!