My DMM Classic rope!

29th Apr 2013

DMM bag1 DMM bag5

I thought I’d let you all know about the new DMM Classic rope bag that I’ve been using over the last few months.

It’s got a simple yet funky design in hard wearing material and awesome colours; and it does what it says on the tin- carries ropes! I’m loving it. Yes yes I know, I’m a DMM sponsored climber and I’m bound to say that but I wouldn’t promote something that I genuinely didn’t like.


So, here are the good bits:


It’s BIG. What has really annoyed me about rope bags in the past, is that it takes an operation of surgical precision to fit your rope and gear in the bag, so half the time you don’t bother because it’s such a faff. So to be able to stuff plenty of gear in easily is a big plus in my book.


It LOOKS great. I like the new colour schemes (there are chalk bags to match) and the material is strong and modern. There are four great colours to choose from.


It’s COMFORTABLE. The bag straps are well padded and lightweight and there is a cool design feature where you can take one of the straps off and carry it like a satchel, instead of a rucksack. You can tailor it to your style.

It’s LIGHT and COMPACT. The material seems very high-tech, far beyond my limited knowledge but this means that for it’s size and carrying capabilities, you’ve got a small or large bag. There is a very nifty closing system with a zip (yeah ok, not that nifty!) and then a couple of compression straps, to really squeeze the air out of it. Quite satisfying to be honest.




It’s VERSATILE. This sac works just as well at the crag, as at the wall. As I’ve said it’s roomy (31l capacity), where you can fit in massive sport ropes or even two trad ropes and there is also a zip pocket where you can put wallet, keys etc or even a little mascot (see image!).




So, that was a round up of the good bits, now for the bad bits…


There aren’t any!!

No just kidding, there is one teensy weensy one, if I was being very picky.


You can’t detach the rope bag sac from the rope bag itself. So if you have managed to stuff it with all your sport climbing paraphernalia and bits and bobs, you end up having to drag the whole lot around with you; rather than being able to unclip the sac and just drag the rope around.

Although, this does mean that all your valuables come with you too, which isn’t a bad thing.


So, if you wanted to cheer yourself up with a swanky new piece of gear, then the DMM Classic rope bag could be just the trick. And for under £30, it’s an absolute bargain.

The new DMM Classic Rope Bag