Live radio interview- Saturday 21st 2013.

20th Sep 2013

Live radio interview- Saturday 21st 2013.

On Saturday I will be doing an hour long live interview and having a mini Desert Island discs experience.

In Sheffield we have a great station called Sheffield Live (93.2 fm), which does a whole range of radio shows, featuring some pretty cool music. They are doing a new series of interviews featuring personalities from the area who are climbers and bikers etc. An obvious choice for such an outdoorsy city.

I've been asked to choose four songs that mean something to me, which was very hard. Four songs!! My shortlist consisted of about twenty and they were just David Bowie!!

But I managed to whittle it down and they will be revealed tomorrow, so to listen and find out more click on this link...there is also a chance for people to email in questions via the website.

if you have digital radio, you should be able to tune in on 93.2, if you aren't in the Sheffield area.