Headline speaker at Kendal MF 16 Nov '13

11th Oct 2013

Headline speaker at Kendal MF 16 Nov '13 Headline speaker at Kendal MF 16 Nov '13

This years Kendal will feel very different for me; instead of either judging or presenting people or films, I will be speaking! And on Saturday night no less.

After declining offers to do talks like this, Marmot finally persuaded me to do one this year.

Although I don't put public speaking in my top 5 list of fun things to do, I am looking forward to it in a wierd way. Having done talks before, I'm not worried about that side of it, I just want this talk (which is a one off) to be interesting to people. I've got to be honest, in that I don't find "I went here and climbed that" talks particularly enthralling, so I want to delve more into the person behind the climber.

I've been working on the talk for a month or so now and have to admit to not making great progress at times but it feels like things are taking shape. I have so much 'stuff' going round my head, that making sense of it feels trying at times to say the least.

Anyway, it's getting there now. Tickets are on sale, so I'd love to see you there. So check out the KMF website for all the info.

The other bonus is that Marmot are setting up their own tent for the festival and there are loads of events going on in there all weekend. Including Marmot athletes signing posters, Tim Glasby photographic workshop, live music and BEER. If you buy a ticket to my talk, you get a free beer with your ticket and my talented nephew, Oli Edwards, is providing semi-acoustic chill out music for the after talk party.

The Marmot tent will be an alternative venue as the Brewery gets so crowded and full; if you've been to the festival before, you'll know what I mean.

See you in Kendal!